mathMC – Math function plotter in Minecraft – powered by mXparser

mathMC “is a 3d function plotter in Minecraft. You can easily plot math functions in your MC world. Minecraft is a 3-dimensional world, so it’s perfect for 3d functions.”

I am happy that mathMC is powered by mXparser 🙂

mXparser + mathMC + Minecraft

mXparser + mathMC + Minecraft

mXparser + mathMC + Minecraft

Best regards,

Mariusz Gromada

3 thoughts on “mathMC – Math function plotter in Minecraft – powered by mXparser

  1. Hello Mariusz,
    I really enjoy TRYING to do your “problems” however and unfortunately, you (and thus your ‘problems’ lol) are so far out of my league that any possibility of my successfully solving/answering them isn’t even a remote possibility. It’s been far too long since I’ve done any math ( besides simple addition, subtraction, division etc.) in quite awhile. Also I’m pretty sure I didn’t even take any classes teaching the math being used. In fact, unfortunately, I also don’t understand what half the words being used mean, I.e., “mxparser – Math Expression Parser for Java Android C# .Net/Mono – Mathematical Formula Parser / Evaluator Library”. “Huh?” “What?” it’s times like these (although I can’t recall EVER having ANY time, other than now, that I needed this type of mathematical and/or “Logic”(?) knowledge) Now I sincerely wish I’d taken the necessary courses so I did know how to solve, and understand, the type of problems being asked! MY question to you is: Is there any book, site, etc. you can recommend that I can learn about the subject matter being used? Something elementary and easy to understand (without taking courses or being overwhelmed by so much ‘stuff’ that I “throw in the towel” and just give up without learning how to solve these types of questions? Basically I’m lazy and don’t want to spend a lot of time to learn – I know what I’m trying to say but don’t know how to ask or explain what I mean!! Very frustrating. I hope you understand what I am saying and asking!! Thank you Mariusz for your patience and understanding. I, also, apologize for the length of my ‘brief’ comment/question. I’m sure there are many others who would also like to know too!!
    Willing to learn
    Bob Kelly

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for writing. I am not sure whether I properly understand your question. Are you interested in using mXparser or asking general math question?

      Best regards

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