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List of projects (known to me) that are powered by mXparser:

  • Virtual Reality 3D Graphing Calculator - "With VR, it’s possible to make math easier to understand and experience on a physical level – and have some fun along the way! VR 3D Graphing Calculator lets you walk around a three-dimensional graph, map out different complex functions, and then smack the results around the room."
  • mathMC -  "is a 3d function plotter in Minecraft. You can easily plot math functions in your MC world. Minecraft is a 3-dimensional world, so it's perfect for 3d functions. Of course blocks aren't 100% accurate, but it's worth a try!"
  • mXcalc - web based calculator.
  • (WS16-01) Autonomous model vehicle / AI - mXparser is used as a part of data analysis software.
  • Probability Puzzles - Android App - Challenge yourself with probability math puzzles!
  • LightConversion.Topas4 - Library to control optical parametric amplifiers by Light Conversion.
  • Calculadora Standard - Android App - basic calculator.
  • Scientrace - A Programmable Scientific 3D Ray Tracer.
  • MineCordBot - A powerful way to Bridge Minecraft and Discord
  • mXparser-MQTT-Gateway - A gateway to provide an MQTT-View for the mXparser - Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH), Research Institute for Security in the Information Society (RISIS), Wireless Communications & Secure Internet of Things (WiCom & SIoT),,Quellgasse 21, CH-2501 Biel, Switzerland.
  • 6502.Net - A Simple .Net-Based 6502 Cross-Assembler targeting the MOS 6502 and related CPU architectures.
  • jUCMNav - jUCMNav is a graphical editor for modeling, analysis and transformations with the User Requirements Notation (Use Case Maps and Goal-Oriented Requirements).
  • Gnar-bot - Gnar is an open-source Discord bot written in Java and Kotlin, using JDA 3 and Lavaplayer. Gnar provides various features including music playback, fun and moderation commands.
  • MIT App Inventor (former Google App Inventor) - Math Extension - Extension to parse mathematical expressions.
  • NuCalculator - Scientific Calculator - a simple, easy to use, feature packed scientific calculator for Android.
  • HadesLang - a simple embedded scripting language built on .Net
  • Simplex-Method - a learning tool that performs the simplex method.
  • OPCSM-VAI - Development environment for automation and IoT (Internet of Things) base on state diagrams programing and powered by OPC, TCP/IP, bluetooth, USB/Serial comm, aso.
  • easyMath - Easiest and simplest math OCR scanner library for Android built using Tesseract and Leptonica.
  • Calculator for Autodesk Inventor Users - A calculator for Autodesk Inventor Users, which can measure in the Inventor (and now much more!).
  • NASA CCDD - NASA Core Flight System (CFS) Command and Data Dictionary (CCDD) utility.
  • Sakai - Sakai is a free, community source, educational software platform designed to support teaching, research and collaboration. Systems of this type are also known as Course Management Systems (CMS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), or Virtual Learning Environments (VLE). Sakai is used by hundreds of institutions, mainly in the US, but also in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.
  • weka-virtualenv - Virtual environment manager for Weka, inspired by the extremely useful virtual environments that Python supports. Weka-virtualenv can be used for launching the GUI or arbitrary Weka classes.
  • MxExpression Weka package - Weka package that uses the mXparser library for mathematical expressions on numeric attributes.
  • spreadsheet - a csv parser supporting formulas and referencing in the form "=A1+B1+8+A2".
  • Scalar - Scientific Calculator, Charts & Script: Scala Lite + Scalar Pro

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Mariusz Gromada

*** If you found the software useful donation is something you might consider πŸ™‚ ***

If you found the software useful donation is something you might consider :-)

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