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The tutorial consists of more than 200 live examples from 50 sections. Each of the examples can be copied and run on your own environment. In addition, mXparser provides an extensive collection of over 500 built-in math functions, expressions and symbols. Familiarize yourself with the scope and the syntax. Live testing is the best way to learn. Good luck! 🙂

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Below is the code for JAVA, the code for C# is almost identical.

Case 1: Using built-in constants

import org.mariuszgromada.math.mxparser.*;
Expression e = new Expression("pi+e");
mXparser.consolePrintln("Res: " + e.getExpressionString() + " = " + e.calculate());
[mXparser-v.5.0.0] Res: pi+e = 5.859874482048838

Case 2: Estimating Moon gravitational acceleration

import org.mariuszgromada.math.mxparser.*;
Expression e = new Expression("( [G.] * [Moon-M] / [Moon-R]^2 ) * ( [m] / [s]^2 )");
mXparser.consolePrintln("Res: " + e.getExpressionString() + " = " + e.calculate());
[mXparser-v.5.0.0] Res: ( [G.] * [Moon-M] / [Moon-R]^2 ) * ( [m] / [s]^2 ) = 1.6247349715841357

Case 3: Getting list of constants

import org.mariuszgromada.math.mxparser.*;
Expression e = new Expression();
[mXparser-v.5.0.0] Help content: 

    #  key word            type                    syntax                                        since description
    -  --------            ----                    ------                                        ----- -----------
  278. π                   <Constant Value>        π                                             5.0   Pi, Archimedes' constant or Ludolph's number - unicode math symbol
  279. ℼ                   <Constant Value>        ℼ                                             5.0   Pi, Archimedes' constant or Ludolph's number - unicode math symbol
  280. pi                  <Constant Value>        pi                                            1.0   Pi, Archimedes' constant or Ludolph's number
  281. e                   <Constant Value>        e                                             1.0   Napier's constant, or Euler's number, base of Natural logarithm
  282. ℯ                   <Constant Value>        ℯ                                             5.0   Napier's constant, or Euler's number, base of Natural logarithm - unicode math symbol
  283. ⅇ                   <Constant Value>        ⅇ                                             5.0   Napier's constant, or Euler's number, base of Natural logarithm - unicode math symbol
  284. [gam]               <Constant Value>        [gam]                                         1.0   Euler-Mascheroni constant
  285. [phi]               <Constant Value>        [phi]                                         1.0   Golden ratio
  286. [PN]                <Constant Value>        [PN]                                          1.0   Plastic constant
  287. [B*]                <Constant Value>        [B*]                                          1.0   Embree-Trefethen constant
  288. [F'd]               <Constant Value>        [F'd]                                         1.0   Feigenbaum constant alfa
  289. [F'a]               <Constant Value>        [F'a]                                         1.0   Feigenbaum constant delta
  290. [C2]                <Constant Value>        [C2]                                          1.0   Twin prime constant
  291. [M1]                <Constant Value>        [M1]                                          1.0   Meissel-Mertens constant
  292. [B2]                <Constant Value>        [B2]                                          1.0   Brun's constant for twin primes
  293. [B4]                <Constant Value>        [B4]                                          1.0   Brun's constant for prime quadruplets
  294. [BN'L]              <Constant Value>        [BN'L]                                        1.0   de Bruijn-Newman constant
  295. [Kat]               <Constant Value>        [Kat]                                         1.0   Catalan's constant
  296. [K*]                <Constant Value>        [K*]                                          1.0   Landau-Ramanujan constant
  297. [K.]                <Constant Value>        [K.]                                          1.0   Viswanath's constant
  298. [B'L]               <Constant Value>        [B'L]                                         1.0   Legendre's constant
  299. [RS'm]              <Constant Value>        [RS'm]                                        1.0   Ramanujan-Soldner constant
  300. [EB'e]              <Constant Value>        [EB'e]                                        1.0   Erdos-Borwein constant
  301. [Bern]              <Constant Value>        [Bern]                                        1.0   Bernstein's constant
  302. [GKW'l]             <Constant Value>        [GKW'l]                                       1.0   Gauss-Kuzmin-Wirsing constant
  303. [HSM's]             <Constant Value>        [HSM's]                                       1.0   Hafner-Sarnak-McCurley constant
  304. [lm]                <Constant Value>        [lm]                                          1.0   Golomb-Dickman constant
  305. [Cah]               <Constant Value>        [Cah]                                         1.0   Cahen's constant
  306. [Ll]                <Constant Value>        [Ll]                                          1.0   Laplace limit
  307. [AG]                <Constant Value>        [AG]                                          1.0   Alladi-Grinstead constant
  308. [L*]                <Constant Value>        [L*]                                          1.0   Lengyel's constant
  309. [L.]                <Constant Value>        [L.]                                          1.0   Levy's constant
  310. [Dz3]               <Constant Value>        [Dz3]                                         1.0   Apery's constant
  311. [A3n]               <Constant Value>        [A3n]                                         1.0   Mills' constant
  312. [Bh]                <Constant Value>        [Bh]                                          1.0   Backhouse's constant
  313. [Pt]                <Constant Value>        [Pt]                                          1.0   Porter's constant
  314. [L2]                <Constant Value>        [L2]                                          1.0   Lieb's square ice constant
  315. [Nv]                <Constant Value>        [Nv]                                          1.0   Niven's constant
  316. [Ks]                <Constant Value>        [Ks]                                          1.0   Sierpinski's constant
  317. [Kh]                <Constant Value>        [Kh]                                          1.0   Khinchin's constant
  318. [FR]                <Constant Value>        [FR]                                          1.0   Fransen-Robinson constant
  319. [La]                <Constant Value>        [La]                                          1.0   Landau's constant
  320. [P2]                <Constant Value>        [P2]                                          1.0   Parabolic constant
  321. [Om]                <Constant Value>        [Om]                                          1.0   Omega constant
  322. [MRB]               <Constant Value>        [MRB]                                         1.0   MRB constant
  323. [li2]               <Constant Value>        [li2]                                         2.3   li(2) - Logarithmic integral function at x=2
  324. [EG]                <Constant Value>        [EG]                                          2.3   Gompertz constant
  325.                  <Constant Value>                                                   4.0   <Physical Constant> Light speed in vacuum [m/s] (m=1, s=1)
  326. [G.]                <Constant Value>        [G.]                                          4.0   <Physical Constant> Gravitational constant (m=1, kg=1, s=1)]
  327. [g]                 <Constant Value>        [g]                                           4.0   <Physical Constant> Gravitational acceleration on Earth [m/s^2] (m=1, s=1)
  328. [hP]                <Constant Value>        [hP]                                          4.0   <Physical Constant> Planck constant (m=1, kg=1, s=1)
  329. [h-]                <Constant Value>        [h-]                                          4.0   <Physical Constant> Reduced Planck constant / Dirac constant (m=1, kg=1, s=1)]
  330. [lP]                <Constant Value>        [lP]                                          4.0   <Physical Constant> Planck length [m] (m=1)
  331. [mP]                <Constant Value>        [mP]                                          4.0   <Physical Constant> Planck mass [kg] (kg=1)
  332. [tP]                <Constant Value>        [tP]                                          4.0   <Physical Constant> Planck time [s] (s=1)
  333. [ly]                <Constant Value>        [ly]                                          4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Light year [m] (m=1)
  334. [au]                <Constant Value>        [au]                                          4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Astronomical unit [m] (m=1)
  335. [pc]                <Constant Value>        [pc]                                          4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Parsec [m] (m=1)
  336. [kpc]               <Constant Value>        [kpc]                                         4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Kiloparsec [m] (m=1)
  337. [Earth-R-eq]        <Constant Value>        [Earth-R-eq]                                  4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Earth equatorial radius [m] (m=1)
  338. [Earth-R-po]        <Constant Value>        [Earth-R-po]                                  4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Earth polar radius [m] (m=1)
  339. [Earth-R]           <Constant Value>        [Earth-R]                                     4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Earth mean radius (m=1)
  340. [Earth-M]           <Constant Value>        [Earth-M]                                     4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Earth mass [kg] (kg=1)
  341. [Earth-D]           <Constant Value>        [Earth-D]                                     4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Earth-Sun distance - semi major axis [m] (m=1)
  342. [Moon-R]            <Constant Value>        [Moon-R]                                      4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Moon mean radius [m] (m=1)
  343. [Moon-M]            <Constant Value>        [Moon-M]                                      4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Moon mass [kg] (kg=1)
  344. [Moon-D]            <Constant Value>        [Moon-D]                                      4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Moon-Earth distance - semi major axis [m] (m=1)
  345. [Solar-R]           <Constant Value>        [Solar-R]                                     4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Solar mean radius [m] (m=1)
  346. [Solar-M]           <Constant Value>        [Solar-M]                                     4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Solar mass [kg] (kg=1)
  347. [Mercury-R]         <Constant Value>        [Mercury-R]                                   4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Mercury mean radius [m] (m=1)
  348. [Mercury-M]         <Constant Value>        [Mercury-M]                                   4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Mercury mass [kg] (kg=1)
  349. [Mercury-D]         <Constant Value>        [Mercury-D]                                   4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Mercury-Sun distance - semi major axis [m] (m=1)
  350. [Venus-R]           <Constant Value>        [Venus-R]                                     4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Venus mean radius [m] (m=1)
  351. [Venus-M]           <Constant Value>        [Venus-M]                                     4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Venus mass [kg] (kg=1)
  352. [Venus-D]           <Constant Value>        [Venus-D]                                     4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Venus-Sun distance - semi major axis [m] (m=1)
  353. [Mars-R]            <Constant Value>        [Mars-R]                                      4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Mars mean radius [m] (m=1)
  354. [Mars-M]            <Constant Value>        [Mars-M]                                      4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Mars mass [kg] (kg=1)
  355. [Mars-D]            <Constant Value>        [Mars-D]                                      4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Mars-Sun distance - semi major axis [m] (m=1)
  356. [Jupiter-R]         <Constant Value>        [Jupiter-R]                                   4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Jupiter mean radius [m] (m=1)
  357. [Jupiter-M]         <Constant Value>        [Jupiter-M]                                   4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Jupiter mass [kg] (kg=1)
  358. [Jupiter-D]         <Constant Value>        [Jupiter-D]                                   4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Jupiter-Sun distance - semi major axis [m] (m=1)
  359. [Saturn-R]          <Constant Value>        [Saturn-R]                                    4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Saturn mean radius [m] (m=1)
  360. [Saturn-M]          <Constant Value>        [Saturn-M]                                    4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Saturn mass [kg] (kg=1)
  361. [Saturn-D]          <Constant Value>        [Saturn-D]                                    4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Saturn-Sun distance - semi major axis [m] (m=1)
  362. [Uranus-R]          <Constant Value>        [Uranus-R]                                    4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Uranus mean radius [m] (m=1)
  363. [Uranus-M]          <Constant Value>        [Uranus-M]                                    4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Uranus mass [kg] (kg=1)
  364. [Uranus-D]          <Constant Value>        [Uranus-D]                                    4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Uranus-Sun distance - semi major axis [m] (m=1)
  365. [Neptune-R]         <Constant Value>        [Neptune-R]                                   4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Neptune mean radius [m] (m=1)
  366. [Neptune-M]         <Constant Value>        [Neptune-M]                                   4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Neptune mass [kg] (kg=1)
  367. [Neptune-D]         <Constant Value>        [Neptune-D]                                   4.0   <Astronomical Constant> Neptune-Sun distance - semi major axis [m] (m=1)
  368. [true]              <Constant Value>        [true]                                        4.1   Boolean True represented as double, [true] = 1
  369. [false]             <Constant Value>        [false]                                       4.1   Boolean False represented as double, [false] = 0
  370. [NaN]               <Constant Value>        [NaN]                                         4.1   Not-a-Number
Nuget – Package Manager

Install-Package MathParser.org-mXparser -Version 5.2.0

Nuget – .NET CLI

dotnet add package MathParser.org-mXparser --version 5.2.0

Nuget – Package Reference

<PackageReference Include="MathParser.org-mXparser" Version="5.2.0"/>

Maven – Dependency


Maven – Gradle

implementation 'org.mariuszgromada.math:MathParser.org-mXparser:5.2.0'

Maven – Gradle (Kotlin)



git clone https://github.com/mariuszgromada/MathParser.org-mXparser


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