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mXparser provides a rich collection of built-in math functions, math expressions, and math symbols. Familiarize yourself with the scope and the syntax. Math collection internal help is also available directly from the software – see the tutorial and the API documentation for all the details.

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mXparser – built-in Unary Functions

sinUnary functionsin(x)1.0Trigonometric sine – Unary function
cosUnary functioncos(x)1.0Trigonometric cosine – Unary function
tgUnary functiontg(x)1.0Trigonometric tangent – Unary function
tanUnary functiontan(x)1.0Trigonometric tangent – Unary function
ctgUnary functionctg(x)1.0Trigonometric cotangent – Unary function
cotUnary functioncot(x)1.0Trigonometric cotangent – Unary function
ctanUnary functionctan(x)1.0Trigonometric cotangent – Unary function
secUnary functionsec(x)1.0Trigonometric secant – Unary function
cscUnary functioncsc(x)1.0Trigonometric cosecant – Unary function
cosecUnary functioncosec(x)1.0Trigonometric cosecant – Unary function
asinUnary functionasin(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric sine – Unary function
arsinUnary functionarsin(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric sine – Unary function
arcsinUnary functionarcsin(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric sine – Unary function
acosUnary functionacos(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric cosine – Unary function
arcosUnary functionarcos(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric cosine – Unary function
arccosUnary functionarccos(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric cosine – Unary function
atgUnary functionatg(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric tangent – Unary function
atanUnary functionatan(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric tangent – Unary function
arctgUnary functionarctg(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric tangent – Unary function
arctanUnary functionarctan(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric tangent – Unary function
actgUnary functionactg(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric cotangent – Unary function
acotUnary functionacot(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric cotangent – Unary function
actanUnary functionactan(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric cotangent – Unary function
arcctgUnary functionarcctg(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric cotangent – Unary function
arccotUnary functionarccot(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric cotangent – Unary function
arcctanUnary functionarcctan(x)1.0Inverse trigonometric cotangent – Unary function
lnUnary functionln(x)1.0Natural logarithm (base e) – Unary function
log2Unary functionlog2(x)1.0Binary logarithm (base 2) – Unary function
lgUnary functionlg(x)5.0Common logarithm (base 10) – Unary function
log10Unary functionlog10(x)1.0Common logarithm (base 10) – Unary function
radUnary functionrad(x)1.0Degrees to radians – Unary function
expUnary functionexp(x)1.0Exponential – Unary function
sqrtUnary functionsqrt(x)1.0Squre root – Unary function
sinhUnary functionsinh(x)1.0Hyperbolic sine – Unary function
coshUnary functioncosh(x)1.0Hyperbolic cosine – Unary function
tghUnary functiontgh(x)1.0Hyperbolic tangent – Unary function
tanhUnary functiontanh(x)1.0Hyperbolic tangent – Unary function
cothUnary functioncoth(x)1.0Hyperbolic cotangent – Unary function
ctghUnary functionctgh(x)1.0Hyperbolic cotangent – Unary function
ctanhUnary functionctanh(x)1.0Hyperbolic cotangent – Unary function
sechUnary functionsech(x)1.0Hyperbolic secant – Unary function
cschUnary functioncsch(x)1.0Hyperbolic cosecant – Unary function
cosechUnary functioncosech(x)1.0Hyperbolic cosecant – Unary function
degUnary functiondeg(x)1.0Radians to degrees – Unary function
absUnary functionabs(x)1.0Absolut value – Unary function
sgnUnary functionsgn(x)1.0Signum – Unary function
floorUnary functionfloor(x)1.0Floor – Unary function
ceilUnary functionceil(x)1.0Ceiling – Unary function
notUnary functionnot(x)1.0Negation – Unary function
asinhUnary functionasinh(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic sine – Unary function
arsinhUnary functionarsinh(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic sine – Unary function
arcsinhUnary functionarcsinh(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic sine – Unary function
acoshUnary functionacosh(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cosine – Unary function
arcoshUnary functionarcosh(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cosine – Unary function
arccoshUnary functionarccosh(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cosine – Unary function
atghUnary functionatgh(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic tangent – Unary function
atanhUnary functionatanh(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic tangent – Unary function
arctghUnary functionarctgh(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic tangent – Unary function
arctanhUnary functionarctanh(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic tangent – Unary function
acothUnary functionacoth(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cotangent – Unary function
actghUnary functionactgh(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cotangent – Unary function
actanhUnary functionactanh(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cotangent – Unary function
arcothUnary functionarcoth(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cotangent – Unary function
arccothUnary functionarccoth(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cotangent – Unary function
arcctghUnary functionarcctgh(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cotangent – Unary function
arcctanhUnary functionarcctanh(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cotangent – Unary function
asechUnary functionasech(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic secant – Unary function
arsechUnary functionarsech(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic secant – Unary function
arcsechUnary functionarcsech(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic secant – Unary function
acschUnary functionacsch(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cosecant – Unary function
arcschUnary functionarcsch(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cosecant – Unary function
arccschUnary functionarccsch(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cosecant – Unary function
acosechUnary functionacosech(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cosecant – Unary function
arcosechUnary functionarcosech(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cosecant – Unary function
arccosechUnary functionarccosech(x)1.0Inverse hyperbolic cosecant – Unary function
SaUnary functionSa(x)1.0Sinc (normalized) – Unary function
sincUnary functionsinc(x)1.0Sinc (normalized) – Unary function
SincUnary functionSinc(x)1.0Sinc (unnormalized) – Unary function
BellUnary functionBell(n)1.0Bell number – Unary function
LucUnary functionLuc(n)1.0Lucas number – Unary function
FibUnary functionFib(n)1.0Fibonacci number – Unary function
harmUnary functionharm(n)1.0Harmonic number – Unary function
isprUnary functionispr(n)2.3Prime number test (is number a prime?) – Unary function
PiUnary functionPi(n)2.3Prime-counting π(n) – Unary function
EiUnary functionEi(x)2.3Exponential integral – Special function Ei(x) – Unary function
liUnary functionli(x)2.3Logarithmic integral – Special function li(x) – Unary function
LiUnary functionLi(x)2.3Offset logarithmic integral – Special function Li(x) – Unary function
erfUnary functionerf(x)3.0Gauss error – Special function erf(x) – Unary function
erfcUnary functionerfc(x)3.0Gauss complementary error – Special function erfc(x) – Unary function
erfInvUnary functionerfInv(x)3.0Inverse Gauss error – Special function erf⁻¹(y) – Unary function
erfcInvUnary functionerfcInv(x)3.0Inverse Gauss complementary error – Special function erfc⁻¹(x) – Unary function
ulpUnary functionulp(x)3.0Unit in The Last Place – Unary function
isNaNUnary functionisNaN(x)4.1Returns true if value is a Not-a-Number (NaN), false otherwise (true=1, false=1) – Unary function
ndig10Unary functionndig10(x)4.1Number of digits in numeral system with base 10 – Unary function
nfactUnary functionnfact(x)4.1Prime decomposition – number of distinct prime factors – Unary function
arcsecUnary functionarcsec(x)4.1Inverse trigonometric secant – Unary function
arccscUnary functionarccsc(x)4.1Inverse trigonometric cosecant – Unary function
GammaUnary functionGamma(x)4.2Gamma – Special function Γ(s) – Unary function
LambW0Unary functionLambW0(x)4.2Lambert-W, principal branch 0, also called the omega or product logarithm – Special function W₀(x) – Unary function
LambW1Unary functionLambW1(x)4.2Lambert-W, branch -1, also called the omega or product logarithm – Special function W₋₁(x) – Unary function
sgnGammaUnary functionsgnGamma(x)4.2Signum of Gamma – Special function Γ(s) – Unary function
logGammaUnary functionlogGamma(x)4.2Log Gamma – Special function lnΓ(s) – Unary function
diGammaUnary functiondiGamma(x)4.2Digamma as the logarithmic derivative of the Gamma – Special function ψ(x) – Unary function
rStudUnary functionrStud(v)5.0Random variable – Student’s t-distribution – Unary function
rChi2Unary functionrChi2(k)5.0Random variable – Chi-squared distribution – Unary function
as of 2023-01-29
Nuget – Package Manager

Install-Package MathParser.org-mXparser -Version 6.0.0

Nuget – .NET CLI

dotnet add package MathParser.org-mXparser --version 6.0.0

Nuget – Package Reference

<PackageReference Include="MathParser.org-mXparser" Version="6.0.0"/>

Maven – Dependency


Maven – Gradle

implementation 'org.mariuszgromada.math:MathParser.org-mXparser:6.0.0'

Maven – Gradle (Kotlin)



git clone https://github.com/mariuszgromada/MathParser.org-mXparser


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