mXparser provides a rich collection of built-in math functions, math expressions, and math symbols. Familiarize yourself with the scope and the syntax. Math collection internal help is also available directly from the software – see the tutorial and the API documentation for all the details.

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mXparser – built-in units of length

Key wordCategoryDescriptionExampleSince
[m]Unit<Unit of length> Metre / Meter (m=1)[m]4.0
[km]Unit<Unit of length> Kilometre / Kilometer (m=1)[km]4.0
[cm]Unit<Unit of length> Centimetre / Centimeter (m=1)[cm]4.0
[mm]Unit<Unit of length> Millimetre / Millimeter (m=1)[mm]4.0
[inch]Unit<Unit of length> Inch (m=1)[inch]4.0
[yd]Unit<Unit of length> Yard (m=1)[yd]4.0
[ft]Unit<Unit of length> Feet (m=1)[ft]4.0
[mile]Unit<Unit of length> Mile (m=1)[mile]4.0
[nmi]Unit<Unit of length> Nautical mile (m=1)[nmi]4.0
as of 2022-04-15

mXparser – built-in units of area

Key wordCategoryDescriptionExampleSince
[m2]Unit<Unit of area> Square metre / Square meter (m=1)[m2]4.0
[cm2]Unit<Unit of area> Square centimetre / Square centimeter (m=1)[cm2]4.0
[mm2]Unit<Unit of area> Square millimetre / Square millimeter (m=1)[mm2]4.0
[are]Unit<Unit of area> Are (m=1)[are]4.0
[ha]Unit<Unit of area> Hectare (m=1)[ha]4.0
[acre]Unit<Unit of area> Acre (m=1)[acre]4.0
[km2]Unit<Unit of area> Square kilometre / Square kilometer (m=1)[km2]4.0
as of 2022-04-15

mXparser – built-in units of volume

Key wordCategoryDescriptionExampleSince
[mm3]Unit<Unit of volume> Cubic millimetre / Cubic millimeter (m=1)[mm3]4.0
[cm3]Unit<Unit of volume> Cubic centimetre / Cubic centimeter (m=1)[cm3]4.0
[m3]Unit<Unit of volume> Cubic metre / Cubic meter (m=1)[m3]4.0
[km3]Unit<Unit of volume> Cubic kilometre / Cubic kilometer (m=1)[km3]4.0
[ml]Unit<Unit of volume> Millilitre / Milliliter (m=1)[ml]4.0
[l]Unit<Unit of volume> Litre / Liter (m=1)[l]4.0
[gall]Unit<Unit of volume> Gallon (m=1)[gall]4.0
[pint]Unit<Unit of volume> Pint (m=1)[pint]4.0
as of 2022-04-15

mXparser – built-in units of time

Key wordCategoryDescriptionExampleSince
[s]Unit<Unit of time> Second (s=1)[s]4.0
[ms]Unit<Unit of time> Millisecond (s=1)[ms]4.0
[min]Unit<Unit of time> Minute (s=1)[min]4.0
[h]Unit<Unit of time> Hour (s=1)[h]4.0
[day]Unit<Unit of time> Day (s=1)[day]4.0
[week]Unit<Unit of time> Week (s=1)[week]4.0
[yearj]Unit<Unit of time> Julian year = 365.25 days (s=1)[yearj]4.0
as of 2022-04-15

mXparser – built-in units of mass

Key wordCategoryDescriptionExampleSince
[kg]Unit<Unit of mass> Kilogram (kg=1)[kg]4.0
[gr]Unit<Unit of mass> Gram (kg=1)[gr]4.0
[mg]Unit<Unit of mass> Milligram (kg=1)[mg]4.0
[dag]Unit<Unit of mass> Decagram (kg=1)[dag]4.0
[t]Unit<Unit of mass> Tonne (kg=1)[t]4.0
[oz]Unit<Unit of mass> Ounce (kg=1)[oz]4.0
[lb]Unit<Unit of mass> Pound (kg=1)[lb]4.0
as of 2022-04-15

mXparser – built-in units of information

Key wordCategoryDescriptionExampleSince
[b]Unit<Unit of information> Bit (bit=1)[b]4.0
[kb]Unit<Unit of information> Kilobit (bit=1)[kb]4.0
[Mb]Unit<Unit of information> Megabit (bit=1)[Mb]4.0
[Gb]Unit<Unit of information> Gigabit (bit=1)[Gb]4.0
[Tb]Unit<Unit of information> Terabit (bit=1)[Tb]4.0
[Pb]Unit<Unit of information> Petabit (bit=1)[Pb]4.0
[Eb]Unit<Unit of information> Exabit (bit=1)[Eb]4.0
[Zb]Unit<Unit of information> Zettabit (bit=1)[Zb]4.0
[Yb]Unit<Unit of information> Yottabit (bit=1)[Yb]4.0
[B]Unit<Unit of information> Byte (bit=1)[B]4.0
[kB]Unit<Unit of information> Kilobyte (bit=1)[kB]4.0
[MB]Unit<Unit of information> Megabyte (bit=1)[MB]4.0
[GB]Unit<Unit of information> Gigabyte (bit=1)[GB]4.0
[TB]Unit<Unit of information> Terabyte (bit=1)[TB]4.0
[PB]Unit<Unit of information> Petabyte (bit=1)[PB]4.0
[EB]Unit<Unit of information> Exabyte (bit=1)[EB]4.0
[ZB]Unit<Unit of information> Zettabyte (bit=1)[ZB]4.0
[YB]Unit<Unit of information> Yottabyte (bit=1)[YB]4.0
as of 2022-04-15

mXparser – built-in units of energy

Key wordCategoryDescriptionExampleSince
[J]Unit<Unit of energy> Joule (m=1, kg=1, s=1)[J]4.0
[eV]Unit<Unit of energy> Electronovolt (m=1, kg=1, s=1)[eV]4.0
[keV]Unit<Unit of energy> Kiloelectronovolt (m=1, kg=1, s=1)[keV]4.0
[MeV]Unit<Unit of energy> Megaelectronovolt (m=1, kg=1, s=1)[MeV]4.0
[GeV]Unit<Unit of energy> Gigaelectronovolt (m=1, kg=1, s=1)[GeV]4.0
[TeV]Unit<Unit of energy> Teraelectronovolt (m=1, kg=1, s=1)[TeV]4.0
as of 2022-04-15

mXparser – built-in units of speed

Key wordCategoryDescriptionExampleSince
[m/s]Unit<Unit of speed> Metre / Meter per second (m=1, s=1)[m/s]4.0
[km/h]Unit<Unit of speed> Kilometre / Kilometer per hour (m=1, s=1)[km/h]4.0
[mi/h]Unit<Unit of speed> Mile per hour (m=1, s=1)[mi/h]4.0
[knot]Unit<Unit of speed> Knot (m=1, s=1)[knot]4.0
as of 2022-04-15

mXparser – built-in units of acceleration

Key wordCategoryDescriptionExampleSince
[m/s2]Unit<Unit of acceleration> Metre / Meter per square second (m=1, s=1)[m/s2]4.0
[km/h2]Unit<Unit of acceleration> Kilometre / Kilometer per square hour (m=1, s=1)[km/h2]4.0
[mi/h2]Unit<Unit of acceleration> Mile per square hour (m=1, s=1)[mi/h2]4.0
as of 2022-04-15

mXparser – built-in units of angle

Key wordCategoryDescriptionExampleSince
[rad]Unit<Unit of angle> Radian (rad=1)[rad]4.0
[deg]Unit<Unit of angle> Degree of arc (rad=1)[deg]4.0
[‘]Unit<Unit of angle> Minute of arc (rad=1)[‘]4.0
[”]Unit<Unit of angle> Second of arc (rad=1)[”]4.0
as of 2022-04-15
Nuget – Package Manager

Install-Package MathParser.org-mXparser -Version 5.0.7

Nuget – .NET CLI

dotnet add package MathParser.org-mXparser --version 5.0.7

Nuget – Package Reference

<PackageReference Include="MathParser.org-mXparser" Version="5.0.7"/>

Maven – Dependency


Maven – Gradle

implementation 'org.mariuszgromada.math:MathParser.org-mXparser:5.0.7'

Maven – Gradle (Kotlin)



git clone https://github.com/mariuszgromada/MathParser.org-mXparser


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