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Developing and maintaining MathParser.org-mXparser takes a lot of time, mainly my free time. I hope it saved some of your time. If yes, then buy me a coffee 🙂

List of projects (known to me) that are powered by mXparser:

  • Virtual Reality 3D Graphing Calculator - "With VR, it’s possible to make math easier to understand and experience on a physical level – and have some fun along the way! VR 3D Graphing Calculator lets you walk around a three-dimensional graph, map out different complex functions, and then smack the results around the room."
  • mathMC -  "is a 3d function plotter in Minecraft. You can easily plot math functions in your MC world. Minecraft is a 3-dimensional world, so it's perfect for 3d functions. Of course blocks aren't 100% accurate, but it's worth a try!"
  • mXcalc - web based calculator.
  • (WS16-01) Autonomous model vehicle / AI - mXparser is used as a part of data analysis software.
  • Probability Puzzles - Android App - Challenge yourself with probability math puzzles!
  • LightConversion.Topas4 - Library to control optical parametric amplifiers by Light Conversion.
  • Calculadora Standard - Android App - basic calculator.
  • Scientrace - A Programmable Scientific 3D Ray Tracer.
  • MineCordBot - A powerful way to Bridge Minecraft and Discord
  • mXparser-MQTT-Gateway - A gateway to provide an MQTT-View for the mXparser - Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH), Research Institute for Security in the Information Society (RISIS), Wireless Communications & Secure Internet of Things (WiCom & SIoT),,Quellgasse 21, CH-2501 Biel, Switzerland.
  • 6502.Net - A Simple .Net-Based 6502 Cross-Assembler targeting the MOS 6502 and related CPU architectures.
  • jUCMNav - jUCMNav is a graphical editor for modeling, analysis and transformations with the User Requirements Notation (Use Case Maps and Goal-Oriented Requirements).
  • Gnar-bot - Gnar is an open-source Discord bot written in Java and Kotlin, using JDA 3 and Lavaplayer. Gnar provides various features including music playback, fun and moderation commands.
  • MIT App Inventor (former Google App Inventor) - Math Extension - Extension to parse mathematical expressions.
  • NuCalculator - Scientific Calculator - a simple, easy to use, feature packed scientific calculator for Android.
  • HadesLang - a simple embedded scripting language built on .Net
  • Simplex-Method - a learning tool that performs the simplex method.
  • OPCSM-VAI - Development environment for automation and IoT (Internet of Things) base on state diagrams programing and powered by OPC, TCP/IP, bluetooth, USB/Serial comm, aso.
  • easyMath - Easiest and simplest math OCR scanner library for Android built using Tesseract and Leptonica.
  • Calculator for Autodesk Inventor Users - A calculator for Autodesk Inventor Users, which can measure in the Inventor (and now much more!)..

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Mariusz Gromada

*** If you found the software useful donation is something you might consider 🙂 ***

If you found the software useful donation is something you might consider :-)