Class StringModel

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      • StringModel

        public StringModel()
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      • setStringResources

        public static void setStringResources​(StringResources stringResources)
        Sets a user-specific text resource object. Using this object, you can provide your own text model or your own translations. If the provided string resources object is null, no change will be done and the current object will still be used.
        stringResources - A user-specific text resource object
        See Also:
      • setDefaultStringResources

        public static void setDefaultStringResources()
        Sets default string resources.
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      • getStringResources

        public static StringResources getStringResources()
        Gets currently used user-specific text resource object.
        Currently used StringResources
      • printDescriptions

        public static void printDescriptions()
        Prints to the console the result of applying user-specific text resources to generate parser description and objects. The method can help with debugging when creating your own translations.
        See Also:
        StringResources, setStringResources(StringResources)